Pictures during our last edition (the Finissage) at SHEBANG shot by RIEDEWXLD:

The exhibition

Haag in Hart, Dam op Borst is a meeting of different disciplines and the two cities of Amsterdam and The Hague. The initiative comes from writer/rapper MC Lost (Amsterdam), visual creative/photographer Angie Louws (The Hague) and producer/musician Deuces (Zoetermeer). During this interactive exhibition, the cities of Amsterdam and The Hague will come closer to each other, just like the residents of the cities themselves. This will provide new perspectives. Perspectives that might help us understand each other better. And in this way we want to create space for more empathy, more inspiration and more solidarity.

The message

By removing differences and focusing on what we all have in common, we are better able to have empathy for each other and support each other on a large or small level.

We are all human, that is what we have in common. Let us remember this, especially when we see people in need. Of course we can't help everything and everyone, as humans we simply don't have enough energy, but we can do something. We can choose a direction. We can use our own talents, skills and/or characteristics to make progress, stimulate growth and help people, which ultimately benefits everything and everyone.

A selection of the photo series: