Angie Louws, photographer/visual artist based in The Hague, the Netherlands.

As of now, my mission as an artist is to create all kinds of visuals which have some wisdom embedded within (either in the story behind it or within the visual itself). With this I aspire to inspire people to act better, do better and to grow as human beings in all aspects of life. I want my work to contribute to us fulfilling our purpose.

I’m still in the process of fully realizing my vision. Which means I’m actively working on realising projects as mentioned above.

Knowing I have a responsibility to do good and spread good, I love to express myself in a creative way. Dreamy and cinematic with a contrast of raw reality is what my visual style is best described as. I try to collaborate with other creatives as much as possible, while actively expanding my creativity.

I hope you enjoy and/or share the vision. 

With wisdom & Love, 


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